New semester…

I’m not sure where to begin honestly. It seems like everything is all tangled up.  The feeling of bad aura around me just never goes away. Sad I must say. It was the second day of class earlier. Firstly, my classmates. I’m not blaming that for anything. Just that I feel this time we just can’t get along well. Seriously, I don’t see a class outing at all. None. Nadah. I guess it is just my luck yeah? I hope they start to speak up. Loosen up. To top it off, I get my previous Operations Planning faci again this semester. I just wished some other faci. Some new faci. I guess, this semester I really need show him I can do better than previous.

Friends. I realised, some still are around. That is sure something good.

Shifa…Caught up with dear aunty on Monday, after school. *heh!* It was nice. We sure separated for a while to do what we do best and we took a day to chat for a while. *and shifa, hope u get better  =)*

Zalola….im darn happy that you are happy babe! And thank god we settled our issues too…Just know im here…I can be a lil slow to react, but just know I will still be there woman! 🙂

GraceDumb…whatever youre going through, im sure you’ll get through it. And YES miss working with you too…Must work again together sometime! 🙂

Eileen…You sure can chat chat and chat….plus hardworking in class all the time. Two days of sch and already we always meet…lol!

Natasha aka Looney…HAPPY BATHDAY WOMAN! Ok not yet woma…hope you have a great Celebration at the club babe!

Christ..It was nice hearing from you again…after a while not working together…Thought you forgotten about me man! Shall have dinner as you next week as planned aite bro! 🙂

Idah…thanks for the invite the other day…bake me more brownies pls babe! 😉

Anisah…Stay strong Grandma!!! 🙂

Sokky,Diona, Serena…Three of you have been very nice to me…yall take care…shall have our drinking outing again soon….plus more shopping too…heh! 🙂

Atiqah and gang…thanks for the lovely raya…nice catch up session too…:)

JO,RuiWei,Qiling…Miss you girls….meet up soon…!!!

I guess, when something ends, something new begins…


One Response to “New semester…”

  1. Diona Nicole Says:

    “Sokky,Diona, Serena…Three of you have been very nice to me…yall take care…shall have our drinking outing again soon….plus more shopping too…heh!”

    Yes, point noted! you take care too, and don’t get too upset over the new semester. I’m sure your classmates will start to loosen up and open up in a matter of time. chill it babe. (:

    anyway, if you didn’t know. that’s my blog link k! <:

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