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Dumb people, do dumb things.

July 31, 2009

I wonder, what’s soo nice of stealing things…Well, ok…im sure that robbing a bank would be soo much of a thrill. But, where’s the thrill in stealing an effing hard disk?!?!? Furthermore, that bloody hard disk is only 150G…While others have a hard disk with a larger capacity as compared to mine…Seriously, I find the person stealing my hard disk effing DUMB….simply, purely dumb…Tell me, do you get a little kick of stealing my hard disk?!?! It’s not even money we talking about here….it’s purely a device that allows you to store your information in. Plus, the device is sold cheaply now a days. I admit, I do care about my hard disk. But not it itself, just the things inside. All my effort gone down the drain…I know, some say start a fresh…but the thought of it hurts! Ahh well….no use crying over spilt milk…Start afresh, I will.


asdfghyjk =)

July 27, 2009

HUMANS!!! I’M  BACK!!! =)