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To: Mr F.B.K

June 20, 2009

I sure am wondering….seriously, are you back for good or this is just one of your scheme…one of that charade of yours…You sure keep me guessing…I mean, me trusting your words?! Hah! FAT HOPE ok bro! Eh wait! Who am i calling bro again? Ahhhh fark! Honestly, i sooo dont give a fark about you anymore. I am just typing this if you happen to read it. Utterly disgusted by you. Seriously, if you really want to regard me again like old times, just gain my trust. Just that one thing, Trust…You sure you could gain it?!?! I doubt so….


rewind, please?

June 14, 2009

I’ve got no idea where to start. One experience, one memory, one mistake done that no one, could help me delete, refund ….whatever word in the dictionary there is. Mess…Big farking mess. For every thrust I could remember, it wasn’t pleasant. Now thinking of it all, I HATE it. An effing big mess. It was an act of utter impulse. Humans! Never stop to think what actions we take would lead to certain results. Effing regret it! No one would understand because you simply won’t unless you’re in this situation.  You grabbed me into the situation due to certain circumstances…and I stupidly, never stop to even think once and just said “Alright”. HANIS?!?!!? Are you stupid or just farking plain DUMB?!?!?!?! I’ve just dug my own grave….but I don’t want to lie in it…I don’t want to be laid in it either…Lost, Stuck, Clueless………