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April 28, 2009

Remember when i said school was gonna start? Well, im already on my second week of school…There’s lots to complain. YES! I COMPLAIN!

WAIT! Before i complain, i know alot of you complained to me too…For not updating. This blog was for a minute, officially dead. But now, im trying to kick its ass and get it up and running for the….millionth time? lol!

Ahhh…well, I WANT TO COMPLAIN! Last time i remember wanting to complain about the classmates. But now, not only that. I have a list. Plus, neither it is my main priority wanting to complain about. It is like the last thing i want to talk about.

Firstly, I THINK I GOT INTO THE WRONG COURSE!!! no kid! You may know me as one of those people who utterly, outrageously hate MATH! And here i am, stuck in this course…that i myself chose that has everything and anything that has to do with math. Every single thing is MATH,MATH, MATHHHHH!!! How cruel can this course get, man!!!

Secondly, THE FARKING RP SYSTEM!!! Why the hell did they change the system? Who was the effing bugger who complaint about the timing?!?! Arrggghhh…No more 2 and half hour break. Now got to cramp research, lunch, talk, doing the presentation slides in just 1 hour and 45 mins. How sick!!! No time to eat ok! What more for the others to go get their smoke break at coffee shop. Stupid crap!

Thirdly, my classmates. I dont know how to say this but i soooooooooooo MISS MY W TOO SEXY(W26C)!!! Now, im in E44A. Let me tell you the story. Currently, there are 3 malays and the rest are chinese. There is a communication barrier and most of the time in conversations, i get lost in the jungle. So far, i have one big bugger in class. Who never stops calling me ‘pendek’. Oh well, ‘you’re farkin botak and not that tall enuff to call me short, ay!’     :p

Thats about all that I COMPLAIN! Shall update again soon about the happenings in class.