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New But Old Pictures…

February 27, 2009


Two weirdoes…having fun web-caming…. :B


Night out with the three of us… 😀


Me,Nat,Wei2,Jo…Had tremendous fun….


Nothing better to do in class…. =D


Henderson Wave cum Vivo Madness…


peepz + starbucks = yayness!


CNY hangbao collection…heh!


You & Me

February 19, 2009

So, chalet was held on the 16th to 18th with my lovely WTOOSEXY (W26C). Many would ask, “How was it?” and some would reply, “it was ok”, “not bad and not very good either”, “lots of shenanigans'”, “Wasn’t much of a blast”.

For me, I would say, we became closer than ever before

Feeling of remorse, indignant, anguish and some were simply feeling hurt…Some would wonder, “why such emotions?” I can list the reasons but why should I when the reasons are not the ones that need to be looked on. It was the outcome of it all that made me learn. Learn each and every person and not forgotten myself.

We laughed, cried, sat on the rocks at the beach, drank, ate, slept, hugged, and jumped together…Would I want to change any of it? The answer is No. Not any one of it. Like how I’ve repeatedly said that I’m not the best person to give my advice, but whatever that came out of my mouth the whole night, I meant it.

You people have been wonderful and all that you can be. It’s just one of those obstacles in your life that I happen to be part of. I am happy as long as each and every one of you is. That experience sure made me know that each and every one of you had shaped me to become the person I am today.

I just want you lovely people to know that, I’ll always be here be it for those fun times trying to look at the sunrise at 5.30 am together or just there to listen and give you those hugs.

I know you, you know me…we’re both stuck with each other….

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