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Thank Yousss

December 11, 2008

Am not feeling well…But I think I’m ok. Thank you to those who constantly ask me if I was ok in class today…You people are appreciated. Big thank you to Grace, Jogina, Eileen and Qi Ling. That drink was sweet of yall.

Adil & Sis Nana, thanks for the chill session yesterday. Cam-whoring had never been more fun with the both of you. Adil, stay strong alright. NO amount of condemnation and criticism towards you could bring you down. Just stay true to yourself alright,hun…Chase after what you believe in. You’ve gone this far, why stop now? To both of you, remember what the Taxi driver told us last night…Don’t want you both to die soo soon ok! (plus, I don’t wish to listen to anymore of such lecturing…Scary!)



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December 11, 2008

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