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November 27, 2008

I hate it!

I FARKING hate it!

I hate looking and knowing my friends are in the lowest point and I can’t seem to help them?

Why the fark am I effing useless?!?!?!

Can you farking explain to me!!!

Absolutely,retardly irritating when all I could do is seeing them be in such a state!

Can’t things just be put simple and we get to kick its ass and be happy and merry again?

I respect everything anyone say what they have decided!

But just knowing that they could do better and I am not helping them achieve it sucks!

They feeling like that is sucky enough!

Me knowing them feeling like that makes me one sucky friend!

Cos I can’t help them.

If an apple can easily make ur day, I would!

I would give you an apple every day just to know my best friend will be fine and happy and jolly!

But I know, an apple or anything would just not be it!

Can I just effing lock myself in a cage and turn into an ape?!?!

It’ll be easy cos I won’t know anyone and no one would be my friend other than the zookeeper.


Me Blabber…

November 26, 2008

Head pounding…

Feels heavy…

Eyes burning…

Nose is like an open tap…

This seems like some lyrics…

So i shall stop here…

Not to make you get bored…

Well, since i am here…typing a post without any direction, i might as well blabber!

This week,

Summer’s Over, a local band are launching their album…Cool or what!?!?!? Danny darling IM-ed me, asking to join him and his friends this friday. And i just realised that it is the same thing that Naren had been talking about!!! The opening band would be Naren’s band in other words, Caravent. Small world or what!?!?!? Danny knows a couple of the band members from Raufi Height’s and I know a member of Caravent. Utter coincidence!

WAIT! Here i am talking about this and that, but i dont even know if i could even make it. Tomorrow, it’s the mark, ONE YEAR ANNIVESARY on the passing of my late grandmother. And on Saturday, there will be a little gathering. I seriously doubt that mummy would allow me to hang out till late. Plus, i dont think i could bring myself to go out. Oh well, till friday….I never would know…..

Shout Out 2 Danny:OLD MAN! I dont know ok! Just grab the tix…if i cant make it,never the mind 😉

To you people out there….go lah! I bet it would be niceeeee….A relax place,underground lah…no worries…;)

Summer’s Over “Forever In Motion:” album launch

Day: 28th Nov 2008, Friday

Venue: Home Club, River Walk (Along Clarke Quay lah DEY!)

Starts: 19:00

Entry: $15 (Not sure whats given as complimentary)

Limit: No age limit (kiddies, go crash!)

Opening Bands: Raufi Height’s & Caravent

Ok, head spinning….I need to get rest…Oh yeah! How would i even go if im sick even on friday….More reasons for me not to go…sad! )=