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Chic-anne + Jump + Gadget + US = Today! ;)

October 24, 2008

Ok! I have lots of piccys but yet to be uploaded. Just waiting for my lovely Natasa to send all of them to me…*giggles* What can i say, she sure had a good gadget to play around with today…Oh and yeah, GRACE! JUMP!!! 😉



Sisterhood Of The Tiffany Bracelets

October 20, 2008

Ever since saturday night, i had not been feeling well… MY GOD! But still i tried to make my way on Sunday for family stuff though i felt like i want to just curl up in bed and doze off.

Sorry to dear W14C peepz cos i cant make it at the very last minute…Now i cant celebrate raya with them anymore. 😦

Anywho…..I didnt attend class today. Thought i could make it, but nah…..Skipped communication…DARN! Love that module!

Well, to make it up, Bracey came…..SISTERHOOD OF THE TIFFANY BRACELETS! *giggles* I’ve seen mine…and ive passed Lola’s earlier today…We loved it! As for Lilo, I shall personally deliver it to you in class…I mean, its only fair,since i delivered it (sort of) to Lola….*smiles*

Moving on, i went for my FIRST mandarin lesson. Felt utterly dumb! Stupid ass! Its ok, i will try harder…

JIA YOU!!! 😉

PS. I cant stop smiling……… 😀