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YouTube-Ing ;)

September 29, 2008

Bored in class…..and guess what i did? The obvious, YouTube-ing…..*giggles* I mean, i had all day…wasn’t much in the mood to do work…Plus, I had quite a headache….And guess what I found! Some aspiring singer….Alyssa Bernal…….MY GOD! She is not bad….Can sure sing! Not only that, she effing looks like Vanessa Hudgens. NO KID! Well, you be the judge of that…. 😉

Check her out!

I’m Yours

Love Like This

Sooo……Now……does she look like V? Kinda, right?


F1 fever in Lion City!

September 28, 2008

F1 FEVER!!! Ok, so i heard….alot of people went for the action at Marina Bay. As for me, here i am stuck at home, doing all the spring cleaning with sis and mummy. Sadly, at the start, Felipe Massa was leading, tailed by Lewis Hamilton. Out of bad circumstances, Fernando Alonso was leading instead. I guess, this is all partly luck too….Well, Congrates to Spain’s Fernando Alonso for winning his first race in a year at the Singapore Grand Prix.


And of course, my very own F1 driver. My younger sis, seated on the carpet, wearing my elder sis’s helmet and acting as if she was driving the car…HAHAHA! Funny to me…..

PS: Pictures courtesy of MSN