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W14C Chalet on 26th August 2008

August 27, 2008

Yesterday was the W14C Class chalet….utter greatness! Well, before heading down though, i had to attend to tuition…sad…here are the pictures after the session….NOT during ok! 😉

Me and my sooo very lazy tutee…

Me with the sooo cute lil brother…

OK! Tuition was done and i head down to the PARTAY with Fieza! I shall type less and let the pictures do its wonders….^_^


Last but not least…….Our FINAL class photo….HATE saying that word man…I’m soooo gonna MISS you guys!

Well, i’ve checked the class that i’ll be in for sem 2 and the magic NO is “W26C”. The letters stays but the number change. Plus, classmates change too. How sucky! Gotta start adapting again. As for Hadi, he is still in W14C! Shito him! Same building, same floor, same class BUT different classmates. Well, i cant say more but have to look forward to school reopens and see new faces this coming Wednesday.

Till next time, best wishes to W14C Mates……


One week out & the next is in

August 25, 2008

WOW! Its been like what? A week?

One week of no entries…

One week plus of no W14C…

One week of SLACKING at home…

One week of waking up late in the morning…

One week of utter distress…

One week of clutter in the corners of the brain…

And what more could i possibly think of, hmmm….

One week of movies, books and conspicuous rainy days…

7 days that i spent relaxing and taking my time to do things. No effort needed at all. No work to think of but just having to think of what is for breakfast (but to think of it, most of the time it was more like brunch), lunch and dinner. One week of PURE RELAXATION.

Ok, enough of me yakking about that past week.

This week, is the total opposite of the previous. This week i WILL be totally packed with activities.

Just today, i went out with dear Zahirah…Wished Shifa could have joined us. Out for coffee, well, this time i was more in the mood for Hot chocolate….and so we chat…Nice to actually meet again and catch up. Well, that was today…Ive yet to list down my schedule for the whole week….

Here goes:

Monday: Meet up with Girls for coffee at 3pm

Tuesday: Tuition at 4pm at Pasi Ris; W14C Chalet

Wednesday: W14C Chalet; Tuition at 4pm; Singtel Training at 6.15pm

Thursday: Work at the IT SHOW, Suntect at 10am

Friday: Work at the IT SHOW, Suntect at 10am

Saturday: Work at the IT SHOW, Suntect at 10am

Sunday: Work at the IT SHOW, Suntect at 10am

I guess you realise now that for four days staright im gonna lose myself in the world of Singtel…Well, i don’t care…I am gonna start saving up for the travelling later…Need those cash…Anyways, till next post (no idea when, since im busy). Yall take care and stay out of trouble….Peace Out! 😉