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Protected: I cant find a great title…So this shall be it.

June 25, 2008

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The Last!

June 23, 2008

Hey humans!!! I’m back!!! Its been a while since I posted. Been busy balancing school and work. Plus, once I get home, I’m too tired to bother to get online and update. Well, rest assured. I’m back now. No longer working for sometime. I need a break man! OK, shall stop typing about that.

Anyways, the last SingTel roadshow was last week, held at IMM, Jurong East. Lots of drama on the last day of the roadshow. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!!

Susie just adore that pink bag…Once we get our pay, you can get it, ok 😉

The three zerfies + Theresa (MC)

Preparing to give out free goodies. (Just a recycled red bag)

Welcome to the AUNTY LAND! =) (be prepared for the hands)

Told you to be prepared for the hands…FLYING HANDS!

Left: Mei Mei;    Right: Jie Jie

Clockwise : Eileen,Joanne and ….(I forgot her name)

Terrible first shot

Ben & Myself

Terrible shot! OK wait! I start to see a trend here. Hmmm….

Now its better…lol! Rion & myself(again)

Ok, now all i want is my effing salary!!!!!! When are they gonna pay up! Darn it! I work cos of money. All that effort wasnt any charity work!!! Goodness!!! I WANT MY PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ALL DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!   T_T