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I dont know what the title should be…

April 30, 2008

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow’s Labour Day!!!!!!!!!!!!! A day off from school. Hanis, all that excited feelings are not needed ok. (hehehe) Anyways, it has been 3 weeks now eversince i started school. Interesting humans from all walks of life. Well, I know i’ve been very cruel and sometimes give that menacing stare to a classmate of mine. However, i just cant help it. I just hate the fact that he trys to be the best all the time. Questions the facilitator as if he knows everything. Instructs the team to do this and that. Not even willing to share and cooperate. But i must add, he is becoming better now. He’s becoming more open to the class and wanting to spread the love. He offered to hug me today! Weird aint it???!!! (laughed out loud) To sum it up, I love W14C!!!! They rock!!!! I feel the love!!! Time to spread the love to Mr Ben too….hehehehe!

Moving on….Had to go for tutoring today. Stressful for me to teach dear tutee math. She just doesnt want to focus. All she wants is answers. Goodness, kid! Time to learn! Stop day dreaming!!!!!!! Arggghhh!!!!! Well, today, took photos of my nephews on bikes! HOT BIKES OK!!! They arent bicycles…but motorbikes! Scroll down for pictures as usual….;)

Syaffiq (with the helmet on) & Aiman


Weeee….. ;)

April 28, 2008

So….allow me to update…

On Saturday 26th April, celebrated my dear nieces’ birthday…She turned 9 years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAZIQAH!!!! MAY YOU BE BLESSED WITH GOOD HEALTH,WEALTH ADN BE A FILIAL DAUGHTER ALWAYS…!!! As usual, pictures are uploaded for your viewing pleasure….;)





Well, that is that….As for today, part of my classmates, we took pictures….nyahahah!!! CAMWHORES!!!! ok, shall type less now….heres the picture!