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Life = Education

March 22, 2008

Everything in life, the people, the things and surroundings around us has an impact on us in every way. Wheather big or small. Sometimes, we are oblivious to what’s happening. Sad isn’t it, how people take things for granted when they are blessed with what they have,compared to those more unfortunate than them. Some times, life just makes us blind. And sometimes life just throw us deep down into the shit hole. Thats where our vision becomes blurr and we lose our sense of direction. At that point of time, the people close to us, the people who loves us will help us clear our vision. However, the bottom line is, it is still up to us to pick ourselves up so to get back on track,back to our direction. Its not easy. But one thing i learnt, whatever obstacle life throws at us, we take it with a positive mindset. A quote i made, “When we face problems, we should not storm our feet while walking but instead glide through the journey.” Staying positive just makes us have clear minds to think. With that, it leads ourself to become better and successful human beings. In addition, happier and less stressful person. So, one lesson learnt, take things as it comes. Theres always a lesson to be learnt after it. Therefore, life is an education in itself. 😉


Surprise, Surprise!

March 19, 2008

*sigh* Just when I thought someone was sincere on getting to know me….Sincere on liking me….I guess not then. He was just vexed with his girlfriend that he is searching for a replacement just to have pleasure. I happended to be talking to him, and he hits on me. God!!! What does he take me as??? A cheap woman on the streets??? Its weird how your own friend can hit on you just like that. Darn!!! Humans!!!

I didnt know guys looked at me for the assets…I mean, i have it, yes….but that does not mean, i go around flaunting it and sharing it with any guy. Hey! Those assets are only for my future husband, OK!!! Oh well, last nights convo was sure a surprised one. Whatever it is, I know that I dont give myself away like some cheap gold. I got value as a person.

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