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February 20, 2008

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Graveyard + Gaylang!!!

February 17, 2008

Start the day off by going to the graveyard early in the morning. Reached at about 9AM. Early in the morning and there’s already lots of ppl visiting. Been quite some time since i last visited my grandmothers tomb stone. The last time i was there, only half of the field was covered. Now that very plot of land has been covered with other tomb stones. Everyday a baby is born, there is one who dies. Just by standing there, under that scorching sun, its scary to know that i too will be under there. Thinking of it just makes me want to get myself closer to GOD. May God forgive all my grandmothers sins and put her with all the others in Heaven. Amin.

Moving on…We went to Geylang Serai’s wet market. Goodness!!! It was packed with human beings. I utterly hate it going there. Seriously, where does all this people come from????!!!! Ok, ok….i’m being selfish here but i just cant stand the pushing and grinding of elbows and getting wet toes. Argghh! Well, soon after, we got back home and ate our nasi briyani that we bought at some Tampines store, nearby St Hildas.

Now i’m stuck infront of this screen typing this away. *giggles* Maybe later parents bringing the family out. Not sure where we heading too. But lest hope its somewhere other than GAYLANG! Opppsss….i meant GEYLANG…*giggles*

Toodles… ^_^


Just two scaft-wearing,bespectacled ladies…Show those teeth women!!!